Monday, December 10, 2012

This is Not Bieber Fever

Friday morning JJ and I headed to the doc for his one year appointment.  I was not surprised that he was in the 25th percentile for weight, but I’m still questioning the nurse’s ability to measure because there is no way my kid is in the 70th percentile for height.  If he is, he has a super long torso or the fashion industry needs to work on the length for 12 month old pants, because all of his pants are about three inches too long.  Anyway, they said he was healthy and looking good.  That was the easy part.

They also had to draw blood and give him three vaccination shots.  That was not the easy part.  Poor little guy cried like crazy, but we made it through.

After the doctor, I decided to take advantage of my Friday off and take him to daycare so I could get some Christmas shopping done.  When I dropped him off, I warned them that he usually gets a fever after his shots, so if he does, I can come get him.  I got a few hours of shopping in, but in the middle of the Toys R Us madness, my phone rang with the fever call.

So JJ and I head home and make it through a tired fussy day.  And a rough feverish night.  And more fever on Saturday.  And Sunday.  By this point, Jeff and I are exhausted.  JJ has ended up sleeping with us most of the nights and wakes up every few hours (and I would too if my body was 103 degrees!).  And just to get a little more pitty, let me explain what our bed looks like when JJ is in it.  Jeff has his usual ½ of the bed.  JJ has about ¾ of my ½ of the bed and I have a little corner at the bottom.  How does that happen?

By Sunday afternoon, JJ is not eating or drinking much, still running a fever, and my mother’s intuition says that this is more than just a typical cold.  So off to Children’s Mercy Urgent Care.  Let me go back in time.  When JJ was three or four months old, I had to take him to Urgent Care and didn’t know Children’s Mercy had an urgent care, so just went to one up the
street.  I guess they got the job done, but to say the doctor was uncomfortable with a baby is a gross understatement.  Now that I know better, we head to a pediatric urgent care…  along with every other sick kid in a 50 mile radius.  Apparently our two hour wait was nothing compared to others that had been there all afternoon.  Of course, had this rookie
mom known better, I probably wouldn’t have waited to 1 ½ before his bedtime!

JJ actually seemed to be feeling pretty good during the wait and during one of our many many walks up and down the hall, I discovered he knows the word “lights” and REALLY enjoys pointing them out!  Then bedtime hits.  Of course, right as he is falling asleep on my lap, they call us back.  Fortunately, the doctor came in right away.  Unfortunately, it was not all pleasant.

First of all she checked his ears.  The right ear looked good.  The left had wax blocking the view, so it took about three screaming minutes of forcing his head against my chest while she cleaned out the wax and got a good view of a perfectly fine ear.  Then the throat check.  Luckily Doc Johnson got a look fast, because the second that tongue depressor hit his mouth, out came the Cheetos and applesauce he had for dinner (I know, not the most nutritious dinner, but getting food down him at this point is considered a success).  Due to leaving the house in a hurry, I had no extra clothes in the diaper bag, so JJ got to wear (and we are now the proud owners of) this awesome gown the rest of the visit.

I think he kind of liked it.  Of course, I had no extra clothes for me, either, and as much as I love the smell of Cheeto vomit, I removed my shirt and spent the rest of the visit in my bra and coat.  You do what you gotta do.

Our exhausted little man made it through chest ex-rays and a mega nose suction, not liking either for even a second.  Somehow, Mom and Dad made it through, too.  Verdict – virus.  The doctors were worried about it being the flu or pneumonia, so at least I feel like we made the right decision going, but I also feel like we are back at square one with nothing to do
for him but keep pushing the Ibuprofen.

We finally get home, get JJ in his jammies and into bed.  Jeff and I scarf down our Taco Bell.  You would think we could then call it a night, but when Jeff walks into JJ’s room to take a peek at him, the aroma of baby poop is in the air.  Seriously?  Can we just let the poor kid sleep?Luckily, he pretty much sleeps through the diaper change and goes right
back to sleep.

And exhausted Mom and Dad do the same.

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