Monday, November 26, 2012

Thankful for My Bubs

Thanksgiving week was definitely a busy one in the Lundell household.
Unfortunately, it was also one filled with sniffles, sneezes, and bruises.
We didn’t let that slow us down, though!

The week began with a Sunday afternoon trip to Toys R Us.  It was fun to
see JJ actually recognize the toys and have a good time in the store, but
yet he was still too young to beg for us to buy them all for him.  It was
also nice to be able to buy his birthday gifts with him right there in the
cart and he didn’t have a clue!  We even let him test drive (literally) a few of the toys.

Just the right size.
Being a pimp in the Escalade.
50 cents for this wild and crazy ride!
The next big event came when JJ was on the morning news.  About a month
ago, we filmed a story about germs (or what turned out to be lack thereof)
in car seats and it finally aired.  Apparently, a lady talking about her
baby’s blow out was more news worthy than the comments I gave, so I didn’t
make the story (seriously- I’m very ok with that!), but, as expected, JJ
stole the show!  There were eight babies/ kids that were filmed, so I’m
pretty proud that my little guy was one of two (and definitely the cuter of the two) that made the story.

And it is a good thing that he looked so cute on the news, because he

didn’t look so cute in his school pictures.  Seriously, this is the best pic we got!  Who is this sad child???

As the week went on, my poor bubs was down in the dumps with a cold.  It
got Mom out of a day of work, but I would much rather he feel good!
Sometimes I wonder if he was faking it because he did get to spend some time sleeping with Mom and Dad.  Clearly, he was pretty comfy!


Once he felt better (about the same time Jeff and I got sick) he was full
of energy and ready to go!  And by the fourth day of a four day weekend, he
couldn’t stand to be in the house anymore!  We had all our errands
completed and laundry was done.  Ok – let’s stop for a second and talk
about the laundry.  JJ loves helping with the laundry – mostly pulling the
clothes out of the basket.  Unfortunately, he got a little overenthusiastic
and somehow the basket smacked him in the face – you’ll see the result of

that in the pics below.  I’d say, “You should see the other guy!” but when
the other guy is a laundry basket, it just doesn’t make him sound that
tough.  I take full responsibility for this accident.  Not because I wasn’t
watching him, but because I scheduled his one year pics to be taken that
afternoon.  Jinx!  (pics were postponed so we could capture his cute face
to the fullest).

Back to being stir crazy.  After four days, all the toys were boring and it
was time to get out.  So off to Monkey Bizness to play.  Probably the best
$5 we've spent in a long time!  He climbed and played (of course one of his
favorite things to do was to throw a ball around – exactly what he would have been doing at home) and really enjoyed the slides.

And one last fun little video.  Since JJ now has shooting the basketball
(or the football or the blocks or his stuffed Mickey) down to a science,
time to start working on other fundamentals, like dribbling…

Such an amazing child!!  We are truly so thankful to have such a happy,
funny, adorable, and healthy child!

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