Friday, November 16, 2012

Sooo Big

Yes, motherhood has been very busy, but since I typically write my blogs during slow days at work, I can’t really blame my lack of blogging on that.  What everyone (and yes, I mean absolutely everyone) tells you about how fast they grow and how fast time flies is absolutely true, but it is difficult to write an interesting blog about the first time he rolled over or how much he likes bananas or even how he did on his first plane ride (especially since he did great and it was pretty uneventful!). Therefore, I will admit, I have been a blog slacker.  However, now that he is two weeks away from officially being a toddler, life is getting more exciting.  When we go to the park, he enjoys it and realizes it is an adventure and not just another errand we are running; when he watches Mickey Mouse, he knows it is Mickey and not just crazy colors on a screen (yes, I let my kid watch cartoons from time to time – it is not going to kill him, get over it!); and when he makes a basket in the big boy basketball goal that Jeff just had to register for, he knows he’s big time and waves his arms and claps for himself.  So… I thought it was time to make better use of those rare slow days at work, get off Pinterest, and get to blogging.
Having said that, here are my thoughts.  I love seeing pictures of babies/ kids on facebook, but I know not everyone does (because they are crabby ninnies).  Therefore, I try- not always successfully- to limit the number of pictures and information I post about JJ as to not annoy the crabby ninnies.  However, facebook is a very easy avenue to share with family and non-crabby ninnies in one quick post.  Up to this point, I have managed to post enough and still keep folks up to date on what JJ is up to,  but I kid you not, this kid is changing so much everyday now and doing so many new tricks that I could probably post multiple times daily on his progress and cuteness (yes, he is that amazing!).  Therefore, the plan is to put all the details in this blog and any interested non-crabby ninnies can get their fill through this.  When you crabby ninnies see my blog post link of facebook, feel free to skim over, ignore it, and spend your time reading posts about politics, someecards, or whatever makes you happy.  No skin off my back.
So let the fun begin and into JJ’s world we go. 
First big thing – the Toddler Room.  When he turns one, JJ will officially move to the toddler room at daycare.  However, most of his friends have already hit that milestone, so the poor dude is bored to death in the baby room with, well, a bunch of babies.  To help him out, when there is space available, they have let him spend the day with the toddlers.  And boy does he have fun.  They get to play outside; have circle time; have Montessori time (I’m still trying to figure out exactly what that is); they have lesson plans where they count, learn Spanish, learn sign language; and they even nap on cots!  And it is so much more fun for me because the note I get at the end of the day doesn’t just tell me when he ate and pooped, it tells me how he was feeling (brave the first day, crazy the second); what he did during Montessori time (dinosaurs  - whatever that means); and how much he ate (had seconds both days – chicken enchiladas and pot pie – which honestly frustrates me like crazy because all I can get the dude to eat is pancakes and bananas).  So it is official, time has flown and my little baby is almost no longer a baby!  However, I will miss getting to watch him nap on-line, especially on days when he naps like this.

Second big thing – Play time.  Sitting on the living room floor putting blocks in bucket and pounding on the toy piano is officially play time of the past.  Even though he still isn’t taking more than a few steps at a time, the kid is all over the place.  He loves to climb the stairs, push around his high chair, and play in his new play house – going down the slide on his belly is particularly fun (for the record – Jeff taught him that first!). 

Third big thing – Disney Store.  As I mentioned, JJ loves Mickey.  He and Jeff started watching Mickey in the mornings while I get ready for work and any time he sees Mickey, the kid’s eyes light up and he does his Goofy (pun intended) little laugh/ gasping breath dance. So, as a surprise, Jeff decided we should take him to the Disney Store as a special outing.  The phrase “as happy as a kid in a candy store” has just been updated to “as happy as JJ at the Disney Store.”
OMG!  A giant Mickey!

Look, Dad.  A giant Mickey!

Eating Mickey.

Loving Mickey.

Fourth and final big thing (for now) – Moving up in the World.  This topic could probably be a blog of its own, but I’ll try to narrow it down to a few funny/ interesting/ new events.  The first is one of my Oh Shit! moments when little man was one step ahead of mom.  Since he was a little eight pounder, JJ and I have enjoyed our regular trips to Target.  I thought it was a big deal when we progressed from bringing him in in the car seat to him sitting in the cart.  Clearly – he did, too. 

But apparently that wasn’t big time enough for him.  Last week while we were in the baby aisle grabbing some Mum Mum’s for him to snack on, I learned a good lesson when I turned away from the cart for two seconds.  JJ decided the babies on the diaper boxes were awful cute and he wanted to touch them.  When I turned around, he was standing in the cart, slapping the boxes.  Thankfully, the cart was close to the diapers and he didn’t do a header onto the tile floor.  Bubs instantly graduated to the big end of the cart.  Congrats!

The cart is not the only move up to big time.  Bath time is now a whole new world.  He moved from the baby tub to the ducky tub months ago, but this week it was time for the real tub.  Who knew being able to move around in a tub could be so much fun???

And the biggest move, basketball hoops.  I let my not so great video do the talking here. 

Nuff said.

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