Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Never Say Never

Warning to all moms out there – there will be something in this blog that you will read and then think to yourself, “Yep, I did that, too!” 
It is hard to believe, but on April 1, JJ will be four whole months old!  You don’t really understand how fast time can fly until you have a baby that grows at warp speed.  The little guy is already rolling over, talking my ear off, and laughing at me (this was an easy one- I am kind of funny!).  Before I know it, he will be eating solid food, walking around, and heading off to college (or to play for the Yankees).  So I figured it would be a good time to reflect and look back at what motherhood has been like so far.  As I did this I realized the things that jumped out at me are the things I swore I’d never do as a mother, that I caved to pretty darn quickly!
First off, let me say that as my loyal readers know, I was prepared for motherhood.  I am a planner and organizer (borderline OCD) so I took full advantage of the nine months of pregnancy to prepare and learn everything there was to know.  I went to classes, read books, and spent countless hours on the internet.  I was going to raise this child by the book and it was going to be a piece of cake.  I knew it all- I was an expert on sleeping, hygiene, breastfeeding (and you know from my last blog how well that went!), and anything else a first time mom needed to know.  And my three days in the hospital I think I did pretty darn good.  But then I went home.
That is when it started.  When I started doing things I swore I would NEVER do with MY child!  Only bad mommies would ever do such things!  For example – I would only lay my child in his bed on his back with only a sheet in the crib.  And I did. But he would only sleep for about five minutes like that, so it was time to improvise.  My mom and sister came into town shortly after he was born, and between the three of us (and Jeff, of course) we tried every way possible to get my little angel to sleep.  We tried putting him on his side.  We tried leaning him up against the Boppy (and I’m not going to lie, this actually worked pretty well for a while).  We even ended up taking shifts holding him while sleeping in the recliner.  In the end, we ended up putting him on a memory foam pillow thing my sister bought – and yes – even put him in between Jeff and I (on the pillow thing) in our bed – Gasp Gasp!!  It didn’t take long and he was transferred to the bassinet and at around seven weeks he was such a big boy he was moved to his crib in his own room. 
The I Would Never sleep related rule breaking almost ended there.  But he got sick (thank you, daycare!).  The poor dude could be heard breathing across the state line and had coughing fits like no baby should ever have to have (sad sigh).  So he woke up during the night.  Often.  Typically he would go right back to sleep, but it would take a few pats and shushes from mom or dad.  After so many trips across the hallway, we caved and JJ was sleeping in bed with us (no fancy memory foam pillow this time) for the whole night.  Call me a bad mom or whatever you want, but trust me when I say that all three of us slept much better.  And he is now mostly over his cold and has been back in his bed for quite some time (and has even slept through the night a few times!!).  And I still rock him to sleep and love every minute of it, so judge me if you want to, but I’m not in any rush to change that!
Moving on.  Knowing JJ would be our only child, I will be the first to admit my plan was/ is to spoil him rotten.  And I won’t feel guilty about it for a second.  However, I never thought I would be one to worry so much and be so over protective.  Yes, I am that mom that calls the nurses about every little cough, sniffle, watery eye, hang nail (ok, maybe not hang nail), etc.  In my defense, Jeff is pushing me to call long before I think we need to, so I put some of that on him!  I’ve now taken him to the doctor three times and urgent care one time to be told every time that he just has a cold.  The last time, though, it was a bad enough cold they called it bronchiolitis, so that made me feel a little less overprotective.  I also have the daycare on speed dial and have put the director’s e-mail to use a number of times.  Side note – I love that I can get on line and watch JJ sleeping in his crib at daycare, but this also causes a lot of worry – and some nagging on my part.  If he hasn’t slept for three hours, I worry.  If there is a strange binky in his bed (yes, that really happened), I call to see whose germs he is getting (turns out it was clean and they were just trying to see if he could keep a different kind in better – nope).  If he is in a third outfit in one day, I sit and wonder how much he has been spitting up.  So, yes, I am that nagging annoying mom.  And I am proud of it.
So maybe I haven’t done it all by the book and maybe I’ve broken a few of my own rules.  But I’m sure I’ll nail it all in the future.  I’ll never let my kid eat off the floor.  He’ll never be the baby screaming in the restaurant- wait- that already happened.  He’ll never throw a fit and lay on the floor in Target.  I’ll never take him out of the car seat when the car is moving.  I’ll never change his diaper in public.  These rules I will not break.  Right???
Just a little video for fun.  You gotta love the burp!  He improvised that!

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