Wednesday, November 16, 2011

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I am now 37 weeks, so we are officially “full term!”  This means JJ could come at any time and he should be fully developed and no complications are expected.  Yay!
As a general update, the oh-so-scientific method of measuring my belly with a tape measure has pretty regularly measured me three centimeters ahead (each centimeter represents one week of pregnancy – so at 32 weeks, I was measuring 35 cm).  Therefore, my doctor wanted me to get an ultrasound to get a more accurate measurement of how big JJ truly is.  Of course, I’m not going to turn down the opportunity to see him again, so we went in this past Friday.  They estimated his current weight at seven pounds (all my apps say he should be about 6 ½ right now).  However, since they base this on measurements of the head and belly, which are hard to get, they can be off a pound in either direction.  So, basically, he could be right on track, he could be underweight, or he could be overweight.  Glad we got that sorted out!  Anyway, it was great to see his chubby cheeks and fun to see that the poor kid is getting my chin.  He was opening and closing his mouth, which means he is practicing his breathing skills.  Otherwise, he was pretty much scrunched in and it was hard to see what was what.  Medically, everything looked good – heart rate is good, blood is getting through the umbilical cord, etc.  I’d post pics, but they really just kind of look like blobs so you’ll just have to wait for the real deal.
Otherwise, I still feel great.  I’ve been very fortunate to have an extremely easy pregnancy.  Sure, I’ve had the sore boobs and my feet have grown, but I am still very comfortable and have had very few side effects.  And at this point, still no stretch marks and my belly button is an innie, so life is good!  I’ve had a lot of people ask if I’ve been having Braxton Hicks contractions and I often joke that those are side effects of pregnancy and I don’t get those.  I have been feeling him get the hiccups the past few days, so that is new and fun!  And the boy is a mover and a shaker – sometimes I think he is going to kick right out through my skin. 
On another note, I was out watching the KU/ Kentucky game last night with two of my best buds (good effort, Hawks!) and a guy approached our table.  You know the type – he came to the bar alone and is a regular there and would never miss the opportunity to hit on three smoking hot chicks that are 10 years younger than him (ok, I may be more like five years younger, but that is not the point!).  So when he walks up, I’m leaning over with my elbows on the table, belly hidden.  He tells us he bought us a round of drinks and points out I don’t have a drink.  All I had to do was sit back and from then on out his full attention was on the other two!  Who knew pregnancy was such a deterrent from bar flies??  Sorry to leave my girls stuck with this dude, but I only have this deterrent for a few more weeks- gotta make the most of it.
I also was talking to my nephew in Colorado last night who will turn six in December.  I was telling him his cousin will be born soon and how he is making my belly really big.  He asked if I looked like Santa.  Yes, Caden, you pretty much nailed that one on the head!
Next thought.  I’m very anxious to have this baby.  I am also very excited to have three months off work.  I love my job, but this is the one time I can take three months off and forget all about work.  And I plan to enjoy every minute of it.  As my friend, Maria, pointed out, I have the work version of senioritis, waiting every day for that last day and lacking any motivation to get stuff done. 
Last thought.  I have decided I would like to go into labor on the afternoon of December 2nd.  Here’s why.  First, I want a December baby and that will be close enough to his due date that I won’t worry about any complications of him coming early (official due date is the 7th).  Second, I have cleaning ladies coming that day (No, I’m not so lazy that I can’t clean my own house, but there was a groupon, so I got them cheap and I am very pregnant, so don’t judge).  Therefore, the house will be nice and clean for us to come home to.  Third, the 2nd is a Friday, so we will be in the hospital over the weekend and Jeff won’t have to worry about taking work calls or missing any potential commission (babies aren’t cheap, you know!).  I don’t plan to be induced, so it is really up to JJ if he cooperates with this plan.  I was telling my assistant this plan, and she, more than anybody, knows how much I like to plan, organize, and meet deadlines.  She laughed at me (in a very nice way) and gently broke the news to me that I may just have to adjust to not being so controlling about everything.  I’ll try, but no guarantees. 

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