Thursday, November 10, 2011

All About the Boobs

When I signed Jeff and I up for the breastfeeding classed offered by the hospital, I never dreamed it would result in being the topic of one of my blogs.  Clearly, my pregnancy brain took over and I forgot who I am married to!
Overall, the class was very informative and I feel much better about my ability to be the sole nutritional provider for our son.  And even Jeff admitted after the fact that he was glad he went with me (with the new Call of Duty game coming out just one day before class, the idea of talking breastfeeding for over two hours wasn’t too appealing to him). 
The first part of the class consisted of videos and general information about latching, how often to feed, how to know if your baby is getting enough milk, nursing bras, and on and on.  The second part, we each got to have a baby (well, a doll) and practice different breastfeeding positions.  There was a variety of dolls to choose from with all different hair, eyes, and skin tones.  As couples picked out their doll, they were picking dolls that looked similar to them and dolls that their child may potentially resemble.  Jeff, however, picked this doll. 

I’m not going to lie -this was one of the cutest dolls in the bunch.  However, if our child looks like this, the fertility clinic has a lot of explaining to do!
Nonetheless, we practiced the positions and feel like we will be pros at the whole breastfeeding (and pumping) experience.  And to show how much we appreciated the information we learned, we filled out our evaluations at the end of the class, giving the instructor all excellent reviews.  See – here is Jeff’s eval.

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