Thursday, October 27, 2011

Tables Are Turned

After four weeks of class, I feel like we know about all there is to know about labor and delivery.  And I feel pretty confident that, with the assistance of medical professionals, we are capable of bringing a child into this world.  But after learning all about natural births, medicated births, vaginal births, c-sections, and even touring the hospital, there are a few last topics to cover…
First, let me say this.  For the past 33 weeks, I’ve felt very fortunate to be the parent that gets to have the baby with me 24/7.  I love feeling him kick and see myself growing knowing that my child is also growing inside me.  I will admit, I also feel a little selfish and wish that from time to time I could share these experiences with Jeff.  Admittedly, I’d also like to share the experiences of trouble sleeping, back pain, not being able to pick anything up off the floor, peeing non-stop, and all the other joys that go along with being the parent that carries the baby.
Since I can’t take JJ out of me and let Jeff experience all of this bliss, I had to settle for him experiencing the empathy belly in class.  The belly weighs between 25 and 35 pounds (sadly the low end of what I’ve gained so far!) and in the two minutes he had it on, I think he got a small idea of what it is like.  Let me share.

Seriously – what would people say if I sat with my legs spread out like this? 

Yeah- it is this hard to get out of bed!

He does make a good looking pregnant man!

Yep, about the right size! 
Overall, it was fun, but I really would have enjoyed taking one home and making him sleep with it on, just for one night… or maybe two. 
On a different topic – I just don’t feel this blog would be complete without sharing this.  Our instructor was great at sharing the good, the bad, and the ugly of labor and delivery.  She fully believed we should know exactly what to expect.  And for this I am grateful.  As I am an obsessive planner and researcher, much of what we learned was not new to me.  However, when she showed us this pad I will wear while in the hospital after the birth, I about fell out of my chair.  Never in my life have I seen or imagined anything like this! 

I’m guessing they don’t sell these at Walmart!

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