Monday, September 26, 2011

More Random Thoughts

There are a lot of crazy items out there you can purchase when you are pregnant like long winding body pillows, belly rubs, and belly casts.  But I think this one takes the cake…

A breast supporter for while you sleep!!  But look what all it can do:
·         Provides support for breasts, neck, back and shoulders
·         Eases pressure and pulling of delicate tissue and skin
·         Helps avoid the appearance of cleavage wrinkles
·         Comforts tender breasts during your period
·         Promotes relaxation and a sound, restful sleep

Really?  So after you have a baby, your boobs get all sorts of droopy, but at least you won’t have cleavage wrinkles!
Moving on… during my prenatal yoga class, there is always a song that is played in the soothing yoga melody and like all the other songs, I never understood a word of it, but enjoyed the relaxing tone.  The song repeats Jay Jay Ma over and over and over again.  One day, the instructor mentioned that it means Love you, Mom.  Considering I am naming my baby JJ, I now have a new connection to this song! 
I am very excited to have this baby and hold him in my arms.  However, feeling him move around and kick inside of me is probably the coolest thing I’ve ever felt.  Maybe a little alien like, but amazing.  His most active times are after dinner and around 5:00 a.m.  As someone who will do anything for an extra hour of sleep, even I don’t mind just laying in bed awake at the wee hours of the morning with my hand on my belly feeling my little guy inside me. 
I love having my bump and I don’t think I ever want to go back to pants with a button.  Having said that, growing out of things seems to be never ending.  First thing I grew out of was my bras.  Soon after came the pants.  And then bras again.  Half my shoes now no longer fit.  As of today, my rings are shelved until December.  Oh well, at least my hair looks great!

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