Monday, August 1, 2011

Random Thoughts

I was at yoga and one of the ladies was very close to her due date.  The instructor asked her where was giving birth and if she got a room with a tub.  The instructor went on to say how relaxing the tub can be and how it can even advance your labor.  She then added that occasionally there would be some blood or feces floating around, but they just scooped it right out and it was not a big deal.  Really?  To me- sitting in a tub with blood and feces is a very big deal!  Another reason for me not to do a natural birth.  I’d rather lie on my bed and chill painlessly while I enjoy waiting for the big moment.
I think it’s great that Hy-Vee has a designated parking spot for expecting mothers or mothers with small children.  For years I’ve looked forward to someday being able to park there.  Having said that, I was determined not to use this spot until I was very pregnant.  However, one Sunday morning I was really tired and not feeling great, so I decided I deserved it.  As I exited the store, there was an elderly lady entering.  She was moving very slowly and struggling a bit.  I’m not sure where she parked, but as I entered my car, I noticed there were two stalls for senior citizens, but both further from the store than the spot I was in.  Pregnancy may be uncomfortable, but I really think the elderly should get the advantage.
I’m obsessed with my three pregnancy apps on my iPhone and I have signed up to get regular e-mails telling me what is happening with my body and my baby each week.  Recently, one of these great messages through technology told me that my baby can hear and can be influenced by what he/she hears, so “if the mood strikes, sing a tune of your liking.”  Somehow, Jeff and I’s theme song to sing to JJ has been “Pimps Don’t Cry” from the movie The Other Guys.  I guess he should get used to our weirdness now, because it’s not likely to change.   
Belly touches- why does this bother some people so much?  I’ve only had a few and I don’t mind at all (of course, no strangers yet – do people really do that?).  Maybe I’m just more open that some people.  Considering I let two of my friends feel me up so that they would believe me when I said my boobs felt like they were filled with concrete, I think I may be less modest than most. 
Boys are about to take over the world.  In the last two years or so, my friends and family have had or are expecting the following: 
Boys: Carson, Sam, Xander, Isaac, Noah, Baby Jordan, JR JR, and, of course, JJ.
Girls: Kinley, Baby Wilbers
On  they have a baby morpher.  You upload a pic of the mom and dad and this is what the baby is supposed to look like.  According to this site, here’s our future JJ.

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