Monday, August 22, 2011

Born (almost) to be a Yankees Fan

This past week, JJ got to go to his first Yankees game when the team was in town to play the Royals.  Being he is still in the womb, he may not have fully enjoyed the experience, but that didn’t stop Jeff and I from having a great time.  Before the game, the theme of the night began when Jeff’s best bud, Tony, brought this awesome bat for JJ. 

Yes, I won the fight not to have a Yankees themed nursery, but this bat will definitely somehow be worked into the décor. 
As we enter the stadium in all of our Yankees gear, the ticket taker pointed to my ever growing bump and asked if this one was going to be a Royals fan.  Jeff quickly responded, “Not a chance!”  If you have any doubt at this point (and if you do, you have clearly never read any of my blogs) about Jeff’s passion for the pinstripes, let me show you some pictures of our nieces and nephews and see if you realize the affect he has had on them! 

On our last trip to Colorado, even my mother got a Yankees hat from Jeff! 
The game is about to begin and thanks to JJ’s Grandma Julie, I (and JJ) even had a maternity Yankees’ shirt to wear. 

In the end, the Yankees won and there were tons of little guys and girls decked out in Yankees dud, much like JJ will be next summer.  Maybe even at Yankees Stadium…

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