Monday, July 18, 2011


Good news/ bad news.  Good news- my back has not been as bad as the one miserable night when I couldn’t get off the couch.  Bad news – there is still some pain.  For the most part it’s been better, but after three nights in a row of pretty bad aches, I decided I did not want to live like this until December and it was time to take some action. 
As with any kind of ailment, everyone had all sorts of advice and wanted to tell me what worked for them.  Some said to get a massage.  Some said heat, others said cold.  Some told me a chiropractor would cure it all.  Instead of just trying random things, I decided to call the doc and get her professional advice.  She recommended a chiropractor and referred me to one that specializes in pre-natal issues.  She also agreed with those on Team Heat.  So, I called up Dr. Liperuote and two days later found myself in her waiting room.  Having never been to a chiropractor, I wasn’t sure what to expect.  She did a full exam and bent me and stretched me every which way.  She even told me I was quite flexible (which I strongly disagree with!).  She then popped and cracked me in ways that I was sure would break my neck, but so far, I’m still intact.  Of course, the back pain never starts until later in the day, so I just had to tell her what moves would hurt if the appointment had been eight hours later.  And – she is on Team Cold and gave a slight eye roll when I told her my doctor recommended heat. 
So the regimen began – 20 minutes of ice, 40 minutes off as much as possible and regular trips to get popped and cracked.  I don’t know if it was the doc, the ice, or just the way the baby is positioned, but something is working and the pain has been much less frequent and much less severe. 
But I’m not going to stop there.  Dr. Liperuote also recommended I try pre-natal yoga (and a friend had recommended this, too – not for the back pain, just because she really liked it).   I’ll be honest, when my friend first suggested it, I kind of blew it off (sorry, Angie!).  I know a lot of people really like yoga, but it has just never really been my thing.  I tried a video once in my living room and when I was done, I was so relaxed I rolled onto the mat and took a nap.  Nice, yes, but my theory with working out has always been to burn as many calories as possible in as little time as possible with the ultimate goal being a smaller ass.  When I didn’t even sweat during yoga, I just didn’t feel I was reaching that goal.  Now that the goal is slightly different, I decided to give it a go. 
So I dig out the e-mail from Angie and google Darling Yoga.  I find a class on Sunday afternoon that works with my schedule.  But first things first – I hit the maternity sections and buy some cute yoga clothes.  I mean, really, even though I’ve been told I’m flexible, I know I’m not a yoga expert, so I’m at least going to look good. 
I walked in with my mat, looking like a pro.  I got all signed up and managed to check out how others were setting up their mats, pillows, blankets, and such so I could just copy them and not look like an amateur.  We started the class by introducing ourselves and talking about our pregnancies – how far along we are, any problems, etc.  I was pleasantly surprised at how knowledgeable the instructor was on all things pregnancy and really enjoyed hearing everyone’s stories.  The women ranged from 13 weeks along all the way to four weeks post-birth. 
Time to let the moves begin.  Ashley, the instructor, shows us the first move, and says to lay on our backs (which instantly confuses me as everything I’ve heard is to never lay on our backs) and put our feet straight up “like” our butt is against the wall.  She is in the middle of the room and demonstrates.  So I scootch to the end of my mat and do it just like she did.  Well, apparently in my awe that she is having us lay on our backs, I imagined she said the word “like.”  I go to the end of the mat away from the wall and have to be corrected right out of the shoot and realize everyone else actually has their butt against the wall and mine is in the middle of the room for the whole world to see.  So much for not looking like an amateur!
The rest of class went well and I really enjoyed it.  There were times I couldn’t quite “find my inner self” or “be one with my body” the way those that eat only organic foods, make hemp necklaces, and wear Birkenstocks can do, but that didn’t stop me from resting on the pillow and enjoying the mellow music.  I also struggled during the relaxation period at the end when we had a fabulous smelling eye pillow on and just leaned back to “clear your mind.”  Apparently, my mind doesn’t clear real well.  My mind said, “Hey, I could blog about this experience” and “Oh, crap!  I forgot to put the cheesy corn in the crock pot before I left home!” But I’ll work on that.  And – thankfully, Jeff realized I had forgotten the cheesy corn, managed to find the recipe, and the crock pot was hot and steamy when I got home.  Darling yoga, I will be back!

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  1. Blew me off?? What?! Just kidding! Great post!!


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