Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Dear Baby

To my Beautiful Angel,
I’ve been writing about you for quite some time now, so I thought I would take this opportunity to write to you and tell you how exciting your life has been so far. 
You’ve been quite the traveler.  Before your 18th week in my belly, you’ve traveled to California, Arizona, Illinois, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, Texas, Missouri, Nebraska, Colorado, and, of course, your home state of Kansas.  Yep, 11 states!  A few of those were only brief stops in airports, but that’s just a technicality. 
Through these trips, I’ve learned a few things about you.  First, unfortunately you have your father’s tolerance (or lack thereof) of turbulence on an airplane.  You’ve been really good about not making Mommy sick, but when we hit those bumps, you put me to the test.  However, we made it through all the flights (barely) without reaching for any barf bags. 
While we were in Florida, you really enjoyed swimming in your cousins’ pool and in the ocean (sorry, the Gulf, as your father would correct me).  However, Mommy wasn’t looking her best in that big ole maternity swimsuit!  Your cousin, Bodie (age 5), gave me some good advice on how to take care of you and warned me how tired you would make me.  Just before leaving Florida you got your first rub on my belly (other than from Daddy and I) from your Aunt Michelle.   
You got your second rub from your Grandma Evelyn in Mississippi.  She’s very excited to have her first grandchild and can’t wait to pass on your Daddy’s first baseball mit to you.  Your daddy also got his first father’s day gift while in Mississippi, a onesie for you to wear that says, I LOVE MY DADDY.  He thought it was pretty special and we both think it will look pretty cute on you.
While in Colorado, your cousin, Caden (age 5), told me right away that he wasn’t going to be rough with me so that he didn’t hurt you in my belly – and he did a really good job of it!  He also told me I should drink pop because it’s not good for babies.  I promise, I don’t drink much of it, and I drink decaf whenever possible.  Your cousin, Kinley (almost 2), pointed to my belly when we asked where the baby was, but she didn’t help me follow my doctor’s orders not to lift as she often wanted to be held and I couldn’t resist.  Grandma Julie also gave you a really cute tye-dye onesie that she’s optimistically had since October!  Uncle Garrett and Aunt Julie also hooked you up with some pretty cool stuff that Caden and Kinley used when they were babies.
Sadly, you didn’t get to meet your Great Grandma Von while you were in Colorado, but I promise you she will be the best angel any kid could ever ask for.  
Your daddy has been talking to you nightly.  He always starts out with an update on the Yankees game, so I won’t be surprise if you come out wearing pinstripes.  You were the first person he wanted to tell when Jeter hit his 3,000th hit and when Cano won the Home Run Derby.  He tells Mommy that you are making my “feedbags” the size of compact cars.  We’ve also been asking you to give us a good kick, but we haven’t felt one yet.  Are you always going to be this defiant?  In less than two weeks, we find out if you are a boy or a girl and we can’t wait! 

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