Tuesday, June 21, 2011

No Can Do

Adjusting to all the things you can’t do while you are pregnant, has been an experience.  Particularly when I took a recent work trip to San Diego.  Let me preface this by noting that I spent most of the trip with two male co-workers, one whose youngest child is tenish and one who has no children.  They didn’t know until we arrived at the airport to head out that I was with child, so it took some adjusting for them, too (I wasn’t quite to 12 weeks yet, but they are trained investigators so I figured it wouldn’t take them long to figure out why I wasn’t drinking for five days in a beautiful area.  Also- I realize this drinking thing has become a theme, but I swear I’m not a drunk, just enjoy my adult beverages from time to time!).  So, here are all the things I (and the two guys) learned pregnant chics face in Southern Cal. 
1.     Luggage is heavy.  Especially when you pack like I do. Preggers can’t lift heavy stuff, so the guys got some extra lifting duties.
2.     People tend to drink a lot at work conferences, alcohol that is.  I truly don’t mind hanging out while drinking my water, but really, one can only be around drunk people for so long.
3.     Eating can be a challenge.  First, let me list some of the things pregnant chics can’t eat – tuna, sushi, fish (limited amounts of certain fish are ok), deli meats, soft cheeses like feta and goat, hot dogs, caffeine (again, limited amounts are ok), and I’m sure there are others I am forgetting.  No, this is not the end of the world, but a challenge at times.  I love seafood, but I found myself not eating it so I could save it up for the good stuff.  We found a great little deli, but it had just one sandwich that didn’t have deli meat (but it was full of avocado, so really no complaints on that one).  We also ate a wood fired pizza place which was great, but almost every pizza had feta or goat cheese on it.  Honestly, I’m not a picky eater, so I managed easily, but it was amazing how many times I said, “I can’t eat that” in a five day time span. 
4.     Hot tubs are not an option.  Again, not a real let down for me, but when my fellow travelers suggested hitting the hot tub, I found myself once again saying I couldn’t do it.  As Jenny McCarthy stated in her book, Belly Laughs, I don’t want to boil my baby!
5.     Rule #3 on the Navy Flight Simulator- no riding if you are pregnant.  Let me explain.  In some free time we toured an aircraft carrier.  It really was pretty cool and they had some ride type things you could do.  Again, I was not heartbroken to sit out, but one more thing to add to the list.
6.     Pregnant chics are great to have around when you need a driver.  Ok, so we were in a town where pretty much everything was in walking distance, but we did drive out to the beach one night and I think the guys were glad to have me with them when it was time to drive back to the hotel. 
7.     Airport security can be a dead giveaway.  Luckily when we left San Diego my secret was out because they send all airline passengers through an ex-ray machine.  Again, no can do, so I got the pat down, which I thoroughly enjoyed!?
Overall, the trip was great (other than having to listen to the couple in the room next to me who was obviously very much in love).  San Diego was beautiful and I even learned a few things at the conference.  Sadly, though, it’s back to reality in good ole KC.

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