Monday, June 6, 2011

Best Sound Ever!

Now that everybody knows our secret, let me update you and move this blog into real time.  I actually started this blog when I found out I was prego, but knew I didn’t want to tell the world until I was 12 weeks along.  Therefore, I went back in time and slowly caught up to where we are today (which is actually 14 weeks now).  And I have to say I was quite entertained when one of my friends guessed, as I’m sure many of you did, that this blog was headed for a happy ending and asked me, “Is this blog going to last 12 weeks?”
It all began when my friend, Maria, (who writes an awesome blog of her own, gave me the idea by suggesting I write a pregnancy blog, but because of everything I’d been through, I decided to start from the beginning.  The funny thing I’ve learned is it was really easy to write about the fertility issues, but, honestly (and I’m not trying to rub this in to those women who were not so fortunate), my pregnancy has been so easy thus far (knock on wood) that I’ve really struggled finding things to write about recently.  I have no good stories about puking in public, I haven’t fallen asleep at my desk at work, and if it wasn’t for my sore ginormous tatas I’m not sure I’d even know I was knocked up. 
Before I get caught up to real time, let’s go back to my first ultrasound at seven weeks.  It seems like it’s been forever, but we finally get to go in and hear the little one’s heart beat.  Please let the heart be beating and let everything look ok.  I wanted to be optimistic, but I’d had some slight spotting a few days before (which everyone assures me can be normal), so I was just a tad nervous. 
Par for the course, I threw my feet in the stirrups and out comes the wand.  We instantly heard the most awesome sound of all time.  That little thumping was amazing!  130 beats per minute and everything looks good.  Woo Hoo!  He or she is nothing more than a little spot on the screen at this point, but the doctor somehow measured him/her and said we are right on track.
So let’s review the first seven weeks of pregnancy.  First of all, if you didn’t know, the first two weeks are freebies.  You actually start counting from the first day of your last period, so weeks one and two are before the child is even conceived.  Weeks three and four are spent wondering if it happened.  Weeks five and six are awesome, but agonizing!  Awesome because I finally have a baby inside me.  Agonizing because you don’t want to tell anyone yet (just in case something goes wrong).  Ok, I will admit - Jeff and I and secrets don’t go well together.  The whole waiting until 12 weeks to spread the word just didn’t happen.  We didn’t tell the whole world, but family and a few close friends all got a text with a picture of the pregnancy test almost immediately.  We figured they’d been with us through all the struggles, it was only fair they get to share the good times, too.  Plus, when friends see me ordering water instead of wine when we are out to eat, it’s not too hard to put two and two together.  So I spend the rest of weeks five and six reading books, hoping for the best, and praying for no morning sickness to come.  Week seven- relax a little as I know the heart beat is good and the baby is doing well (the doc said that with this information, the risk of miscarriage is reduced from 15% to 5%, so that also makes life a little less worrisome). 
So as week seven progresses, all is good.  All the books say this is when effects of pregnancy start to kick in.  About 75% of women get morning sickness, which isn’t necessarily connected to the morning at all.  Many get extreme fatigue and food aversion and sensitive smell are all common.  I may be a little tired, but it may just be that I love to sleep (I guess enjoy this while I still can).  I don’t have even the slightest queasiness and other than one day when a grilled chicken sandwich from McDonald’s was the only thing on the earth that sounded edible, no real food aversions.  I thought I had some serious sensitive smell issues one night, but I think that was just the really bad effect all the fruit we now have around the house was having on Jeff.  And the best of all, my boobs haven’t been this perky since junior high!

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