Monday, May 2, 2011

Plan A

I never thought I would actually enjoy peeing on a stick, but I have to admit, when my pee results in a smiley face on the stick, it makes it kind of fun.  Here’s how they work.  Just before you ovulate, your body releases LH, which is the hormone that tells your body to ovulate.  These awesome little sticks check for LH so when it appears you get a smiley face (some tests do two lines, but I learned the hard way, telling which line is darker is often harder than it sounds and the seeing the difference between a smiley face and a circle is worth a few extra bucks).  You pee on one every morning and when you get the smiley face, time to hit the sack and “cuddle up” as my doctor so cutely refers to it.  So since I have an egg, Plan A is to do the sticks, make sure I ovulate, and see what happens.  If Plan A doesn’t work, we will do some tests and take the next step.  The good news is after about three days of stick peeing, I got the smiley face.  I do ovulate – one more concern to cross off the list.  The bad news is our first go at conceiving was not successful. 

We are a little sad, sure, but it was only our first try and even though it seems like everyone else in the world can get pregnant without even trying, I am somewhat realistic and, hey, at least now I can take full advantage of the all inclusive resort where we are getting married.  Bring on the Pink Lady drinks! 
Since month one was unsuccessful and we know the egg supply is limited, we decide to move forward with the tests recommended by the specialist.  First up – my test to make sure my fallopian tubes are open, because if something is blocking them, the semen can’t get to the eggs.  To test for this, Jen, the wonderful ARNP from the fertility office, gets to look into my vagina (and this won’t be the only time she’ll get a close-up…), put a catheter into my uterus, and shoot dye up through my tubes.  Sounds easy enough, but I had been told by others that it can be quite painful.  Let me tell you, when sweet Jen told me I would feel some “intense cramping,” she was nowhere near describing the pain she was causing me.  It only lasted about a minute, but I swear, if I can get through that minute, child birth will be a cake walk.  Anyway, I lived through it and the ex-ray machine showed the dye going nicely through my tubes.  Good news, yes, but I couldn’t help but be a little pissed that I went through all that pain to find out all was a-ok and I could have gotten knocked up just fine without it.      
Now Jeff gets to take his test.  The ole do your business in a cup and make sure you little guys are swimming.  But first, let’s go get hitched.  Along with about 25 close friends and family we head to St. Lucia to tie the knot.  I won’t go into detail about this trip as that is not what this blog is about, but I will say it was an amazing trip and the wedding went off without a hitch.  And… while we were there, we got that little smiley face again.  Wouldn’t it be great to conceive a child in the Caribbean???   
As soon as we return to the real world, time for Jeff to go for his test.  We don’t know at this point if our St. Lucian love was enough to make a baby, but we’ll go ahead with the testing just the same.  As Jeff was confident they would be, his little swimmers were out of this world.  The doctor would later refer to his little guys as “rock stars” because there were so many of them! 
All is good, so now we just wait to pee on a different stick and see if the magic happened.  If not, on to Plan B. 

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  1. Owww....sounds painful. Glad you made it through. Hoping the magic happens....thinking of you!


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